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Participatory Seed production with KVK for Higher income

Participatory Seed production with KVK for Higher income

Success story of Seed production with KVKArka Prasana Ridge gourd Seed production plot



Seed is critical input in Agriculture, and the availability of Quality seed plays a major role in sustainable yield as well as income of the family. Large number of Vegetable Varieties and Hybrids are released by the public sector research institutes like Indian Institute of Horticultural Research which have umpteen numbers of potential varieties/hybrids for their high yield and other nutritional benefits. Unlike field crops, no government agencies like State seed corporations, etc., are involved in the multiplication of vegetable seed varieties. Farmers are in need of quality seed material in vegetable crops where Multiplications of such varieties/Hybrids need to be done in large quantity which is not possible in the KVK farm/Institute farm. Looking at this problem, Participatory seed production is planned by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hirehalli with different farmers in Tumakuru District and under this programme, A farmer Mr.Veerakyatharayappa S/o Iranagappa a resident of Marutipura village in Madhugiri Tq of Tumakuru district with 5 Ac land use to cultivate traditional crops like paddy, ragi and Redgram before the interventions by KVK during 2020 later advised to take up the seed production activity.


For Efficient and effective implementation Seed production activity, which can be taken up in farmers’ field under strict vigilance of KVK/Institute staff and for  maintaining the seed quality, a memorandum of Agreement is made between Farmer and the KVK for defining terms and conditions on procurement rate and other modalities. These seeds produced by the farmer will be procured by KVK as per the agreement between two parties. Later this seed material will be processed at the KVK and sold to the farmers. During the first year, He had taken these seed production activity in four crops like cotton hybrid (for Private agencies), Ragi (ML-365), Okra (Arka anamika) and Ridge gourd (Arka Prasana) the details are given in table

Output and outcome:

Components Names Area Production Gross Income (Rs.) Net Income (Rs.)
Field Crop 1 Cotton Hybrid  seed Production 2 Acre 4 Q 140000 85000
Field Crop 2  Ragi- ML 365 1 Acre 10 Q 40000 25000
Hort. Crop 1 Okra- Arka anamika 1 Acre 3 Q 75000 52000
Hort. Crop 2 Ridge gourd Arka Prasana 1Acre 1Q 120000 80000
Total 5 20 Q 335000 242000

Before implementing this intervention, the farmer used to get annual income of Less than One lakh from General crop production Red gram, Ragi, Maize, etc. unlike seed production, where earlier He not only faced problems like low income in Red gram, ragi crop etc. also fluctuation in market price for their produce.  With intervention of Farmers participatory seed production in Cotton, Ridge gourd, etc., he is getting Net annual income of Rs.242000/- without facing any marketing problem.

Looking at the success of this farmer, large number of surrounding farmers are interested in Seed production activity and want to collaborate with KVK for seed production activity in surrounding area, for this already more than 30 farmers had come forward and started seed production in their respective land, still many more wanted to involve in this enterprise of seed production activity for sustainable income.

Sustainable farm income of the farmers involved in the participatory seed production and Also Availability of Quality seed to the large number of farmers of the district, leading to increased level of productivity in the district by virtue of supplying the quality seed material to large number of farmers.

Looking at the success of this, KVK wanted to involve the various FPO’s present in the district to through group approach for various crops, where involvement of FPO will further strengthen this kind of programme for Capacity development, procurement and marketing of the seeds produced through this approach.

Here the main focus is not only quality seed production which indirectly helpful for the enhancement of income level of the farmers but this kind of activity also helpful for employment generation as activity of seed production involves Manual crossing, Seed extraction, drying, cleaning, packing, etc.