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On-farm testing

On-farm testing to identify the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various farming systems.

On-farm testing1
On-farm testing2
On-farm testing3
On-farm testing4

On Farm Testing (OFTs) during 2021-22

Sl. No. Crop Title Number Amount (Rs.)
1 Pomegranate Assessment of bio formulations for improving productivity, quality and management of diseases in Pomegranate 3 2,700
2 Chilli Assessment of disease resistant Chilli hybrids for Higher productivity and quality 3 12,600
3 Groundnut Assessment of Drought tolerant and High yielding varieties in Groundnut 3
4 Fodder Crops Assessment of fodder crops as inter crops in coconut garden for In situ moisture conservation and yield 3 3,150
Total 15 18,450